Ideal for medium and large production ...

The reinforced structure offers the ability to install all necessary options to comply with the most stringent European safety rules. It can be easily integrated into a production line by adding a belt or roller conveyor system.

Features :

  • Superor Frame
  • Ideal for mass production
  • Machine offering the most customization possibilities
  • Low belts lined and protected by Dibond
  • Allows to integrate a fixed or rotating harp up to 40 wires
  • Independent wire axis mode included with 120 mm extension
  • Speed adjustment during cutting process included
  • PC Housing included
  • CROMA software included
  • A linear guide on roller bearings, individually protected and lubricated ensures a very high quality arm movement


Available models: 8

Cutting capacity (mm)Horizontal movementVertical movementEffective cutting length


Available options:

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