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Pack & Strat software

The Pack & Strat software is a cutting tool for foam specifically designed for the packaging industry. Entirely developed by a French team with the CIRTES, then adapted to the hot wire cutting technology with the CROMA team.

From your CAD CAM software or a map of points extracted from the digitization of an object, the Pack & Strat software offers you:

  • The possibility to automatically generate the virtual counter form of an element, in order to be able to use it for packaging
  • To divide this counter form in several layers
  • To automatically create the cutting files for 2D or 3D shapes in the foam


Once cut, the different layers are stacked and assembled with an insert, glued or simply piled up inside a secondary packaging such as a cardboard box for example. This is an optimization of the Stratoconcept application for cushioning packs.

Learn more about these CIRTES smart solutions on:


  • icon noirPackaging design tool
  • icon noir3D dynamic preview
  • icon noirImport STL files
  • icon noirFoam cutting tool
  • icon noirAdapts to the surface of the package
  • icon noirAdvanced features to meet packaging constraints (wedging parts, handles…)
  • icon noirEach layer can be individually adjusted
  • icon noirAdvanced features to meet packaging constraints (wedging parts, handles…)
  • icon noirEntirely developed in France
  • icon noirManagement of speed and precision ratios

Key points

  • A digital shape that adapts perfectly to the item to be packaged
  • A versatile tool, that can be used with any shape of any size.
  • Fast tailor-made process: Pack & Strat provides you with the highest quality packaging in no time, from a simple 3D file.
  • Industry standard packaging database, including cardboard boxes and crates
  • Ideal for unit packaging but also for series; the Pack & Strat is the best solution for sensitive objects or high value items
  • Optimize your packaging costs and gain reactivity with this exclusive and innovative solution