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Foam cutting machines for Packaging Industry



CROMA’s CNC foam cutting machines are ideal for polystyrene but not only. A large variety of material can be processed with the hot wire technology in a lot of different industries. Foams, in general, are shock-resistant and limit vibrations during transport, which make them the perfect material in the packaging industry. Cushioning, protection of a fragile object (glass, food…) or with an important added-value, a precise cutting that fits the part to the best: discover below some examples of CROMA’s customers creations.

Displaying cut foams in crates, cardboards, around aluminum profiles of our foam cutting machines, or even to insert our rolls of cutting wire: a lot of examples can be given. We, at CROMA, have easily found our own applications that matches perfectly our products.

With a CROMA foam cutting machine, associated to the Pack & Strat software, creating your own packaging is simple, fast and best matches the shape of your object. Indeed, this concept specially developed by the CIRTES will use the 3D file of the part to be packed. The counter-shape, dedicated to nesting the part, is generated automatically. Then it can be cut on an additive manufacturing process with the hot wire technology and CROMA equipment. Shock-free foam, cushioning foam, plastazote, PU, anti-static foam, PE foam, U profiles or L or O, Protection shells…

Specific nests for tools, bespoke parts, machines, figurines: lower the impact of shocks, protect from scratches, optimize space.

Generate quality packaging with high accuracy with CROMA machines. From the standard downcutter that will achieve hundreds of square parts in a few minutes to the Stratoconcept series which will match your items perfectly, we have the right machine for your process! Our customers use CROMA equipment in the furniture, luxury, weapons industry …

A foam cutting machine for polystyrene, certainly! But also able to process many different materials.