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Trade Fair

Cnc foam cutter for the communication industry



Polystyrene is part of our everyday life, even if we do not always notice it. Sometimes covered with coating, resin or paint, its lightness and affordable cost make it the perfect material for POS tools and other communication media. Our CNC foam cutters also represent a cheap investment for creations with high added value, especially in the communication industry.

3D Lettering

Styrofoam and other types of foams are widely used for lettering. Shop signs, advertising props or decoration for events such as anniversaries, holidays or local celebrations. From the simple “Happy Halloween!” in a window shop to lager capital letters you can find all over the world our machines are the perfect equipment for this application.

Oversized objects

Artists, associations, private companies or public administrations are fond of large 3D displays. Use our CNC foam cutters to create the oversized 3D objects that you can meet in many places: World Cup, Olympics, exhibitions or concerts are events where you may see statues, building replicas or giant animals for example.



Polystyrene has always been used in theme parks, Zoo or water park to create the decor. Shape rocks, trees, houses or complete sets with this versatile material and the proper machinery. Our customers work for very prestigious parks like Disneyland and create a whole atmosphere with talent and our intuitive software and machines.


Advertising and Tradeshows

The lightness of polystyrene makes it perfect to manufacture movable structures. Therefore, many furniture and decorations on trade fairs can be made with CROMA CNC foam cutters. The company logo, real or over sized product props, chairs or desks, not to mention dividing walls, building a booth with our equipment is child’s play.


Architectural display

Please see in this section some examples of outdoor decorative display for the entrance of the residence, fountains or companies signage.


Movie Sets & Scenery:

Light Yes! Yet still very resistant, polystyrene is ideal for the structure of a movie set. Build walls, stairs, a volcano or any other decorative element you might need.



Here are some examples of our customers inspired by foams.