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Cnc hotwire foam cutter & hot knife cutting

Découpe polystyrène, mousses & plastiques

Manual & CNC Hotwire foam cutter

Today, CROMA offers a wide range of specialized products: manual polystyrene and foam cutting tools such as cutting bows, thermocutters or hot wire foam cutting tables with horizontal or vertical wire, but also CNC hotwire foam cutters. These come under different series of all sizes and features to cover the small signage activity with excellent value for money ratio to the largest unit running all week 24 hours a day. We have also developed exclusive process in the hotwire industry to answer the need for complex or hollow parts for the foundry or prototyping activities for example.Our specialty remains our flexibility. Since all our machinery is entirely manufactured in our facilities, we can always customize and design your dream machine in case our standard models are not exactly what you need.Please see below the main categories of hot wire foam machines and tools that CROMA offers now:

The activities are very different from each other and so are our users. From the craftsman’s workshop to the multinational firm, the needs of our customers vary in terms of functions and cutting capacities but also regarding the dimensions of the parts or the targeted productivity. That’s why CROMA has adapted its catalog over the years, in order to offer the most hot wire solutions to all the different needs. CROMA has been manufacturing hot wire cutting tools, machines and systems since 1984. The hotwire cutting technology has existed for a long time, initially used manually with the use of templates, especially for modeling (airplane models…) before the CNC appears and brings many other applications and extends the possibilities covered by this process. The hot wire cutting process has many advantages: it is clean (neat cuts and dust-free) and allows cost savings, without the need for an operator to monitor or handle the machine and its low power consumption. CNC Hotwire foam cutter can process polystyrene of course, but also plastics and other foams. It is very popular is the communication field, the building industry, signage or even carving, for example.