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Hot knife cutter for polystyrene, foams and plastics

Hot knife cutter for foams and plastics

The basic thermocutter is the smallest manual tool with hot blades supplied by CROMA. This ergonomic equipment can be used like a regular cutter, and comes with 5 blades of different types and shapes.

The basic thermocutter Kit is delivered with the following accessories, included:

  • One blade with one sharp side of length 1.5 cm
  • One blade with one sharp side of length 3 cm
  • One blade with 2 sharp sides of length 5 cm
  • One blade with 2 sharp side of length 10cm
  • One support for shapeable blades
  • One box of 10 shapeable blades to fashion the form you need and carve it in the foam block or simply cut grooves.

This hot knife cutter is very convenient to process expansed polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, polypropylene, all thermofusible foams, but it can also be used to cut some more rigid plastics. You would like to check the compliance of your material with this tool? Please contact us and we will confirm if it is, or we will invite you to send us some samples of your raw material so we can confirm for sure if this tool is made for you.

Below is a video showing this hot wire foam cutter in use. You can see in the first part that the operator cuts a groove in a block of expanded polystyrene very easily so he can fit some cables, electrical conduits or plastic pipes for example. For this specific job, the operator uses the hot knife cutter with the shapeable blades. He fashioned it by hand, or used a template, and displayed it on the support supplied in the kit, with the other accessories. The operator then adjusts the heat provided to the blade with the wheel on the handle, and drives the thermocutter through the foam. The second part of the video shows a straight cut with a regular blade.