Frameless Hot Wire Tool

Ideal for your oversized cuts, sculpture and other work on the site ...

With “the frameless hot wire tool” you can adjust the wire length to your cutting need from 20 to 150 cm. Set the temperature of the Ø 1 mm wire with the potentiometer on the electrical box and cut your foam safely.

Characteristics :

  • Adapt the length of wire to your needs
  • Preform straight cuts or in cuts in shape following a drawing or a template
  • The switch button on a handle ensure your safety while manipulating the tool
  • 10 meters of special alloy wire for foam cutting are provided with the system
  • CE compliant with a maximum 220 VAC power supply


Number of models in the catalog: 1

Cutting capacity (mm)Effective cutting length



  • Shapeable wire tool
  • Specific wire length: contact us

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