Manual Systems

Manual cutting Table

Manual Cutting Tables are non-computerized Hotwire Systems designed to cut most Foam materials and thin plastics

Built in, robust extruded anodized aluminum profiles, for long and intensive use. The cutting wire (0,5mm dia) is made of a special alloy that doesn't break when cutting through materials even fast. An adjustable guide is combined with two graduated millimeter ruler enabling the highest cutting precision

Features :

  •  High quality development
  •  Ideal for slicing, cut to length
  • High cutting accuracy thanks to its millimetric ruler
  •  Possibility of making custom cut-outs using a wooden template


Available models: 1

Cutting capacity (mm)Length 1 (X)Height 2 (Y)Depth 3 (Z)

(1) Horizontal movement
(2) Vertical movement
(3) Cutting wire length