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Spray gun

In addition to the CNC hot wire cutting machines and the automatic coating machines, CROMA has always offered hand tools to meet any of its customers’ needs. For the cutting process, we have developed the hot wire cutting bows, the frameless wire tool and referenced thermocutters. For the coating process, we have chosen to offer the hopper gravity spray gun.


This tool, specially designed for thick and rough coatings, makes it a must have in a workshop. Very easy to use and clean, this spray gun uses compressed air. Fill the hopper with your coating material, connect the spray gun to your local air system or to a compressor and start spraying.

CROMA has now included this item in its catalog for years and has sold it to many customers around the world who are very satisfied with its efficiency and reliability. On the video below, you can watch an example of its use for column making in expanded polystyrene foam.

As you can see, the result is smooth and homogeneous. Ideal tool for the use of the STYLPROFIL coating, we recommend the spray gun which allows  great flexibility since you can mix the coating with water for a different finish or spray it in thick deposit and then sand the item for another aspect.

It comes with three different nozzles with sections from 4.5 to 8 mm and has a wheel to adjust the flow. Lock the trigger for continuous use and cover any piece of art, any prototype, any manufactured product. Not only applicable in the foam industry, this hopper gravity spray gun is very convenient for other materials such as plastics, wood, plaster… The 5L hopper ensures comfort of use for the operator, not being too heavy, yet providing a decent painting session with a sufficient amount of material to cover a large part of your object.