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Trade Fair

EPS coating

Ever since Croma started manufacturing and selling CNC hot wire cutting machines, the construction industry has always been one of our main business area. Indeed, a lot of architectural, decorations and insulation elements are made of foam and then covered with different coatings and paint. Nevertheless, expanded and extruded polystyrene are not the easiest materials to cover. Some would apply a mesh so that a concrete base covering can stick to the substrate. Cornices and decorative elements can also be challenging since they can bend or bow slightly when glued to the wall. In this case, some coatings may crack and therefore the surface and the water tightness are not so good.

Over the years, our customers have asked us for advice on the proper material that will stick easily to the foam and have enough elasticity to be installed on its substrate without cracking. We have been looking for such a coating and finally developed it together with a local manufacturer to offer the best on the market called STYLPROFIL. Specially designed for EPS elements, this coating complies with EN ISO 11925-2 and the flame retardant regulations.


Our Coating comes in 25 kg buckets ready to use. Open the bucket, mix the product a little and apply it directly to your polystyrene profile without the need of any mesh or other primer. Ideally applied with the coating machine, the result is smooth and white. You can even sand it for a smoother result.


  • icon noirCover with an acrylic or siloxane paint for outdoor display
  • icon noirIdeal deposit from 2 to 5 mm
  • icon noirDensity: 1.5
  • icon noirDries within 48 to 72 hours for a 2mm deposit depending on climate conditions and temperature
  • icon noir25 Kg per bucket, 16 buckets per pallet (sold exclusively per pallet)
  • icon noirIdeal product for the use of the CROMA coating machine
  • icon noirOptimum Date of Use within 1 year