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EPS foam cutting with our Movable block slicer

EPS foam cutting - horizontal wire

The movable block slicer has been designed by CROMA so that you can slit raw material blocks to the desired length. Indeed, its dimensions (1400 mm x 1400 mm) make it possible to process any block size on the market, with no length limit. The fall of the wire by gravity guarantees a clean and precise cut and helps you optimize the use of the material and avoid a large amount of waste. Then you can display on your CNC machine exactly what you need and nothing more. Less scrap means more material and no waste of time for the operators who will also appreciate the ease of moving lighter loads when the block is already cut to the right size. Less waste, more time, sounds like a cost effective solution doesn’t it?

This cutting system is very simple. It has a horizontal wire that goes up and down. The cutting movement is done by gravity and the operator then drives back the wire in the upper position with the handle and locks it there.

Easily moved thanks to the wheels at the bottom of the equipment, it can be stored in a corner and brought anywhere in your factory when needed. It is a must have for all EPS foam cutting facility, as well as XPS or EPP to mention a few. CROMA is the only manufacturer of this item, which makes it very popular in our catalog. In accordance with our quality standards, we also offer options to adapt the movable block slicer to your needs:

  • Customised dimensions
  • Vertical position stop, so you can lock the wire at any height and then manually drive the slicer through the foam.
  • Motorization, so the EPS foam cutting is achieved automatically, just pressing a button.

Ask us for more possible features if you have some specific requirements.