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Industrial hot knife for foams, polystyrene & plastics

Industrial hot knife for polystyrene, foams and plastics

The industrial thermocutter is a hot blade manual tool offered by CROMA. Just like the basic thermocutter model, it can be used like a standard cutter while being much more powerful.

Designed for industrial applications, the tool can be used intensively or continuously when the smaller model is designed for occasional use. More powerful (400W) as previously mentioned, it can heat larger and longer blades (up to 20 cm long) and therefore complies with much more applications. Also called Industrial Hot Knife, it is ideal to cut polystyrene and foams but also rigid plastics or other materials in many different fields, such as:

  • Deburring of injected or mold parts
  • Gaskets treatment
  • Carving grooves or nesting inside foams
  • Cutting insulation boards onsite
  • Trimming parts
  • Slitting rubber or various composite materials

4 different types of blades are provided with the Industrial thermocutter Kit. Please see below the list of accessories included in this kit:

  • 3 blades with 2 sharp sides length 5 cm
  • 3 blades with 2 sharp sides length 10cm
  • 3 blades with 2 sharp sides length 20cm
  • One support for shapeable blades
  • One box of 10 shapeable blades to fashion the form you need and carve it in the foam block or simply cut grooves

We can also provide additional blades on request.

Would you like to check the compliance of your material with this industrial hot knife? Please contact us and we will confirm if it is or invite you to send us some samples of your raw material so we can confirm for sure if this tool is made for you.

Below is a video showing the industrial thermocutter in use so that you can see how PE foam can easily be slit and the type of blade that can be used with it.