Faoma Software

FAOMA, the new CROMA Software, is the 3 years result of R&D.

Improvement version 1.0.50

- Ability to choose the unit of speed and cost
- Add rotations and translations (Y, Z) in fixed on 3D files
- On the ENTER key of the parameters, make a calculation of the coupling
- Automatic detection of a full or half profile
- Machining direction in ASYMMETRIC FACETS mode
- Preview : make a 2D correction on the profile before extrusion to avoid the problems of autointersection of contours
- Remove the logfile and information in the COST
- 3D decoupled mirror part
- In FACETS mode, the raw is cylindrical but the depth field P remains
- Split point number on a square

It provides the best solution for all types of CROMA CNC Hot Wire Cutting Machine.

It runs 32-64 Bits and can be installed on any machine running Windows since 1999

FAOMA consists in two modules: A CAD/CAM (Design and Manufacturing Assisted by Computer) and Output Motion Control Software.

It allows you to make complex pieces as well as series of large quantities for many different activities.

With FAOMA, you remain the master of your cutting, automatic or manual, you control and decide the course of the wire thanks to its powerful advanced functions

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